Dr Tushita Singh is the leading provider of Flash aligners in Dwarka. She has become a Sienna level of senior Flash providers, having successfully finished multiple complex cases with the program Dr Tushita encourages her new patients to speak to older patients having finished their treatments to get a first hand perspective of what the treatment involves. The patients describe her as friendly, professional and experienced. The clinic has a very flexible policy regarding payments which makes the otherwise thought of 'expensive invisible braces treatment' very very affordable. She's also one of the brand ambassadors of Flash Aligners and participates a lot in their current programs, as well as lends her voice for their various YouTube and other social media channels as well.


Teeth issues like gaps between teeth, overlapping teeth, forwardly placed teeth can be easily corrected without extractions.

Aligners are completely invisible and can be easily inserted and removed by the patient. Also regular visits and tightening by a doctor is not required. Aligners work for teens and adults both.

there are no eating restrictions with aligners.

A meeting with the doctor is fixed for impressions, photos and scan of teeth, then the doctor works on back end and makes an animated video of before and after corrections of teeth, this is customizable based on patients requirement. The final video is shared with patient for the viewing, this is done over mail hence patient presence is not necessary, the final video is approved and aligner sets are manufactured.

If patient is available, they are given the sets and explained the procedure of wearing them, however if patient is not available, the aligners are shipped to them directly with instructions of how to wear them. The doctor also keeps a check on the treatment via WhatsApp or Skype.