About Our Clinic

Dr Mahima Yadav and Dr Tushita Singh met while working at a corporate dental chain in Dwarka. After working together for more than 5 years they realised their affinity towards quality dental practice, their ethical views and the huge gap in Dwarka area for a high-end dental practice focused on esthetics and smile engineering. Thus took birth the idea of Family Dental, focused on providing dental care for each memeber of the family, painless treatment for the kids, esthetics for the young ones, smile designing and dazzling for young brides and grooms, replacing missing teeth for our seniors, and so on. The clinic houses dental solutions for each member of the family, all at an affordable cost. The doctors are focused on providing a comfortable, at home environment at the clinic, with light jazz playing in the backgrouond and a flourishing personal library of the doctors' own fiction novels, with evenings wrapped in a root canal sessions mixed with a story discussion of the latest addition by one of the patients. The clinic is very well accepted in the local Dwarka community and very well involved in local social activities such as dental camps for the needy as well. The doctors are friendly and amicable, the practice is mostly refferal based as both Dr Mahima and Dr Tushita create a lasting impression on all thier patients.